WMU (World Mission University) Sponsorship Information

World Mission University is an evangelical, non-denominational university with a passion for education and missions. Excellent professors with evangelical intelligence, virtue, and spirituality and dedicated students with the vision of the kingdom of God gathered for practical spirituality and education based on the Word. Our vision is to train believers who have been called by God for effective ministry in the world.

Founded in 1989, World Mission University has grown rapidly both qualitatively and quantitatively, establishing itself as a representative Christian educational institution for the global Korean diaspora, and now it has emerged as a mainstream university in the United States. This was firstly done by God’s grace and secondly because of the prayers and material devotion of the members who realized the importance of this ministry. Without the dedication of many hands, this would not have been possible. We hope to have the interest and support of those who have a mission to expand the kingdom of God and to nurture dedicated workers of the Lord.

As in the past, it will be impossible for this precious work to continue without the participation of many people. Thanks again for your participation and may the grace of Jesus Christ be with you always.

Ways to support

▶ Prayer support group

– You can join the World Mission University prayer support group and pray regularly for students
– You can donate $10 per month for students.

▶ Scholarship

– For students studying under difficult circumstances, you can donate a certain amount per month as a scholarship.

▶ Sponsorship for missionary

– Scholarships may be donated for specific purposes to provide theological education and ministry training for missionaries working in the mission field.

▶ Designating Scholarship Fund

– By designating a scholarship fund with a specific name, you can regularly give scholarships to students only with interest from the fund.

▶ Legacy or life insurance donation campaign

– You can donate 1/10 of your estate or life insurance to the World Mission Development Fund.

▶ Construction Fund

– You can donate to repay the school’s building purchase debt and for future campus expansion.

Sponsorships are used like this:

▶ Nurturing outstanding talents

– To create an environment where students can devote themselves to their studies through various scholarship benefits
– To select excellent students through expansion of academic scholarships
– To discover missionaries and missionary volunteers through mission scholarships

▶ Education infrastructure

– To expand Student Dormitory
– To expand lecture rooms and labs
– To expand the library

▶ Education system

– To grow into a Christian Liberal Arts University
– To be accredited by WASC
– To support Faculty academic research
– To hire English-speaking professors
– To secure excellent full-time faculty and staff