Bachelor of Science in Nursing Completion


General Description and Program Goals


World Mission University offers a Bachelor of Arts in Science in Nursing Completion program requiring 37 semester hours of credit. This program is designed as an academic progression model for current students in Associate degree in nursing programs and practicing registered nurses to advance their educational preparation to the Bachelor of Science level.

This program provides opportunities for nurses to develop as nursing professionals and to achieve academic achievement, mainly for continuous improvement and self-development.

The goals of the Bachelor of Arts in Nursing completion program are to:

  • To prepare students for graduate study.
  • To prepare students for ministries in nursing practice.


Learning Outcomes

Upon completing this program, students will be able to:

  • Integrate nursing education to professional nursing practice
  • Demonstrate evidence- based practice with critical thinking
  • Demonstrate professional communication with spiritual competence
  • Demonstrate Leadership skills for health promotion during the life cycle
  • Apply systems, finances and policies to professional nursing care


Admission Requirements

All applicants for the proposed RN-BSN program will be required a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA, completion of Associate Degree in Nursing from an accredited nursing program, and an unencumbered RN license.

  • An Associate of Science in Nursing degree or a Bachelor of Foreign Nursing degree
  • An RN license in U.S. (Can be suspended until the completion of the course)
  • GPA 2.0 or higher
WES – World Mission University

WES (World Education Services) ( Application Procedure  

  1. Submit your application for course-by-course evaluation and receive your WES reference number.
  2. Read document requirements and request foreign schools to send in translated official transcripts directly to WES. Make sure to send your WES reference number as well so that foreign schools can write it on the envelope and official transcript.
  3. WES will verify credentials, create reports, and deliver it to WMU.



Graduation Requirements

In order to obtain a nursing degree, students must have a minimum of 130 semester credits including the transfer credits with a rating of C (2.0) or higher. You should also show your character as a Christian. Transfer credits may be granted up to maximum 93 credits of 130 semester credits. In particular transfer credits for admission to a foreign school must be approved by NACES (, and the cost of the tuition will be borne by the student.


Degree Requirements: 130 (37) credits

General Education: 37 credits

Nursing Course (36 credits)    /  Chapel (1 credit) 

CodeCourse Credits
NUR 301Transcultural Nursing4
NUR 302Current Issues and Trends in Nursing4
NUR 304Soul Pain and Holistic Care3
NUR 305Psychological and Spiritual Assessment in Health Care3
NUR 328Nursing Informatics4
NUR 329Nursing Theory and Nursing Professional Values4
NUR 326EBP and Nursing Leadership4
NUR 342Community and Public Health Nursing Practice 4
NUR 314Nursing Research 3
NUR 345Senior Project (Capstone)3
PT 211-212Student Chapel I-II (.5 credit each)1


Field Practice

Field practice is conducted through NUR 342 Community and Public Health Nursing Practice courses and graded Pass/Fail. Community and Public Health Nursing Practice should be submitted to the school by receiving a practical evaluation report from the advisor.


Student Chapel

students are required to register and complete two semesters of student chapel. Students will earn half a credit for each semester.

Student chapel are graded pass/fail. Student Chapel “PT211-212” must be taken beginning with the first semester of enrollment at WMU and must be taken consecutively.  Students register for the course during registration.

In order to pass the student chapel, students must not miss it more than three times. Chapel occurs every Tuesday and Thursday. Students who are not able to attend chapel on campus may sign up for online chapel.

Students must ensure that they register for online chapel.  Students who register for online chapel

must follow the regulations of the online chapel.  Students who have a campus course before or after Tuesday or Thursday chapel must register for campus chapel.  No exceptions will be made.

RN to BSN Handbook


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