General Description and Program Goals
World Mission University offers a Bachelor degree in Social Work requiring 126 semester hours of credit. This program requires four academic years based on 126 semester hours of credit and builds upon the General Education, Bible, and Theology requirements. The goal of the program is to help students attain a fundamental grounding in Social Welfare, including an introduction to the theory and practice of social work. Graduates will be qualified to serve as Christian Social Worker, Welfare Missionary, Pastor in Social Work NGOs and Social Work Facilities, Nonprofit Corporations, Nonprofit Private Organizations, Public Institutions, and Churches.

The goals of the Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies program are to:

  • To prepare students for graduate study.
  • To prepare students for social work ministries.


BASW Learning Outcomes

Upon completing this program, students will be able to:

  • Articulate theorical foundation for Church Social Work and Christian Social Work;
  • Demonstrate growth in personal and spiritual life;
  • Demonstrate the basic skills and practical abilities for Social Work; and
  • Strength competence as a social welfare leader who adapts to social environment by understanding and utilizing social welfare policy and administrative theory;
  • Demonstrate Christian Social Work Practice to address the need of individuals in diverse cultural settings.


Graduation Requirements
The Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Work requires the completion of a minimum of 126 semester hours of credit, and demonstration of Christian character. Credits can be a combination of transfer credits and completion of course work with a Grade Point Average of C (2.0). At least 39 credits must be in General Education. A minimum of 42 units must be completed at WMU and the remaining 84 units may be satisfied through transfer credit.


Field Education
World Mission University is committed to equipping students to become full-time ministers or lay leaders in Christian ministry. In order to serve God more effectively, all students at World Mission University are required to participate in ministry outside of the classroom experience.


Social Work Field Practicum
Baccalaureate students are required to complete two semesters of social work field practicum. Students
will earn three credits for each semester.