World Mission University was founded by Reverend Dong Sun Lim on his firm determination and belief that “The Global Village is My Ranch”. There was no place too far or remote to take the message of the gospel. Founder Dong Sun Lim was a life-long missionary who had a passion to take the message of the gospel to the ends of the world.

Founder Dong Sun Lim’s desire was to raise up Christian leaders with a strong desire to expand the kingdom of God. World Mission University was established to train pastors, missionaries and lay leaders.

Reverend Lim’s vision was to establish a quality educational institution both academically and spiritually.


“The reason I founded this school was to train faithful pastors, passionate missionaries, and lay leaders. What I dream for this school will not be achieved overnight. My hope and prayer is that World Mission University would become a Korean Harvard, a Korean Yale, and a Korean Princeton in the near future”. (Dong Sun Lim, Retrospect and Prospect, 2000).


Following on his noble footsteps, World Mission University will continue to expand new horizons of global mission beyond the immigrant society through outstanding educational leadership.

World Mission University is committed to build upon the foundation of founder Dong Sun Lim’s vision for the school.

World Mission University stand committed to realize/expand the vision that founder Dong Sun Lim had for the institution. Through a shared and united vision for the school, the leadership of the university is excited about what God has in store for our future.

May the Lord guide you as you plan your future for His Kingdom.


Your servant,

Your servant,

Dong Sun Lim, PhD