General Description and Program Goals
World Mission University offers an Associate degree in Biblical Studies requiring 60 semester hours of credit. The program requires two academic years and is designed to equip students for effective lay ministries. The goal of the program is to help students attain a fundamental grounding in general educations, Biblical Studies, and practical ministry skills.

The goals of the Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies program are to:

  • To prepare students for transferring to Bachelor programs.
  • To prepare students for helping professional ministers through various roles in church and Christian organization


AACM Program Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the degree, students will be able to:

  • Integrate broad knowledge in general education for a Christian worldview.
  • Demonstrate a knowledge of Scripture, proper use of hermeneutics, and ability to communicate the Gospel;
  • Exhibit spiritual maturity as a Christian leader;
  • Demonstrate the basic theoretical understanding and practical skills for ministry


Graduation Requirements
The Associates degree in Biblical Studies program requires the completion of a minimum of 60 semester hours of credit, and demonstration of Christian character. Credits can be a combination of transfer credits and completion of course work with a Grade Point Average of C (2.0). At least 21 credits must be in General Education.

Degree Requirements: 60 credits


Field Education
World Mission University is committed to equipping students to become full-time ministers or lay leaders in Christian ministry. In order to serve God more effectively, all students at World Mission University are required to participate in ministry outside of the classroom experience.


Student Ministry
Associate Degree Program students are required to complete three semesters of student ministry. Students will earn half a credit for each semester.

Student ministry courses are graded pass/fail. Student Ministry “PT111” must be taken beginning with the first semester of enrollment at WMU and must be taken consecutively. Students register for the course during registration and must also submit the Student Ministry Registration Form. Students who need less than three semesters to graduate (transfer students) will not be required to complete three semesters of student ministry, but will be required to take a student ministry course every semester they study at WMU.

For transfer students, the number of semesters he/she must register for student ministry depends on the number of credits the student transferred and has remaining to complete their degree program. A general rule for transfer students is for every 21 credits remaining the student must register and successfully complete one student ministry course.

When the student decides on the area of student ministry (i.e., type of ministry) he/she will sign up for, the student needs the approval of the faculty advisor and must submit the Student Ministry Registration Form at the time of registration or to the Dean of Student Affairs at the student chapel that is scheduled for Tuesday and Thursday of the second week of each semester or at the time of registration for courses.

At the end of the semester in order to pass the student ministry course, the following forms are to be submitted to the Dean of Student Affairs: The Ministry Supervisor Evaluation Form and the Student Self- evaluation Form. If a student fails the submit these forms, they cannot pass and must retake the student ministry course.

Students must demonstrate competence in the ten ministry skills listed on the Ministry Skills Assessment Form (see Student Ministry Handbook). The academic counselor checks this in their academic counseling session.


Student Chapel
Associate Degree Program students are required to register and complete three semesters of student chapel. Students will earn half a credit for each semester. Student chapel are graded pass/fail. Student Chapel “PT211-213” must be taken beginning with the first semester of enrollment at WMU and must be taken consecutively. Students register for the course during registration.

In order to pass the student chapel, students must not miss it more than three times. Chapel occurs every Tuesday and Thursday. Students who are not able to attend chapel on campus may sign up for online chapel.

Students must ensure that they register for online chapel. Students who register for online chapel must follow the regulations of the online chapel. Students who have a campus course before or after Tuesday or Thursday chapel must register for campus chapel. No exceptions will be made.