World Mission University is an ecumenical and interdenominational theological school, established by God’s people who committed themselves to mission and education. Through this educational venue of spirituality and God’s word, the faculty of the World Mission University teaches evangelical knowledge, personality, and spirituality to dedicated students who have the vision of the Kingdom of God. The mission of the World Mission University is to equip devoted Christians for effective ministries in their lives.


Since the World Mission University’s establishment in 1989, she has grown qualitatively and quantitatively as the representative Christian educational institution for the Korean Diaspora all over the world and is now qualified as one of the mainstream universities in the U.S. This accomplishment is due only to God’s grace and the support from His people. World Mission University was blessed with the commitment of prayer and gratuity of God’s people who recognized the importance of educational ministry. It would not have been possible to accomplish this mission without these contributions and we need your ongoing commitment to broaden the God’s world and train God’s devoted workers.


Thank you once again for your participation. I wish the grace of Jesus Christ onto you.


Introduction of Support Programs
Prayer Support

You may participate on the World Mission University Prayer Support group and pray regularly in addition to contributing $10 every month for students’ welfare.



You may donate a scholarship for students who excel academically or study in financial difficulties with a single grant or a fixed amount every month.


Overseas Mission Scholarships

You may donate a designated scholarship for missionaries who have served overseas who are continuing education and providing theological training to local leadership in the third world.


Join the Board of Directors

You may join as a member of the board of directors and participate on extensive school operations, donating necessary resources for long-term projects. The memberships fees of the board are $1,200, $2,500, $5,000, or $10,000 per year.


Through a Designated Scholarship Fund

You may donate to a designated scholarship fund and award the interest of the fund as a scholarship to students. Currently, the World Mission University has 12 Scholarship funds.


Life Insurance/Inheritance Donation

You may choose to contribute 10% of your life insurance or inheritance to the development fund of World Mission University.


Donate for Construction

You may contribute to a long-term fund for the purposes of future campus expansion and debt payment of the current World Mission University campus building.

The following details what the support fund is used for:


Support for Students Achievement

– To recruit excellent students by providing grants and achievement-based scholarships
– To motivate academic achievement by providing a variety of institutional scholarships


Support for Educational System

– To recruit a qualified full-time faculty
– To improve the quality of research through research funding
– To establish new departments to expand Christian education


Educational Infrastructure Investment

– To build a student dormitory
– To expand faculty offices for research
– To expand the library


Membership of College Accredited Organization

– To join the NASM (The National Association of Schools of Music), which is an association of post-secondary music schools in the United States and the principal U.S. accreditor for higher education in music.



Donation Information

How to Participate

Participation is open to any staff, student, alumni, parent, church member, and brother and sister in Christ who is interested in the development of World Mission University. Both individuals and groups may join the support group. You will be provided contributions receipts and will receive a tax deduction for your donation.


Contact Information

You may choose to participate in any of the many programs above in lump sum payment or monthly payment. Please download the support agreement form, and send us a filled-out form by mail, email, or fax, or you may call us and register over the phone.

*Please make all checks payable to World Mission University or pay at PayPal.


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