It will be essential for you to have access to a computer if you take a course delivered via the internet. You may also use the computers located in the library. Students are expected to check their e-mail on at least a weekly basis for communication with their instructors. Having your own computer may be more convenient.



You need to have some basic technology skills, such as word processing and using a web browser. If you don’t presently possess these skills, you will need to pick up on them fairly quickly. If you don’t think you can learn these technology skills easily, you may need to develop new skills, take a class or do some reading before enrolling.


The successful online student knows how to:

• Start, shut down, and reboot a computer appropriately.
• Use a keyboard and mouse gracefully.
• Use his or her Internet Service Provider or otherwise gain access to the Internet.
• Access URLs (addresses) on the Internet.
• Use online search tools to locate materials on the web.
• Navigate forward and backward on web sites with links, frames, image maps, and other elements.
• Troubleshoot a URL or link that is not working.
• Recognize when a “plug-in” is needed to view a particular web page.
• Print pages in the programs he or she uses, especially web browsers.
• Send, receive, reply to, and forward email.
• Send and receive email attachments.
• Use a word processor.
• Copy and paste text across documents and software applications.
• Save a document or other file to a particular location.
• Find a file or document previously saved.


Spend some time at your computer and on the Internet every day, getting comfortable with your equipment and surroundings. Practice your computing skills until you feel confident that you can complete class assignments.