World Mission University has received a grant of $1 million from Lilly Endowment Inc.

World Mission University has received a grant of $1 million from Lilly Endowment Inc. to help establish Spiritual Formation Program.

The effort is being funded through Lilly Endowment’s Pathways for Tomorrow Initiative. It is a three-phase initiative designed to help theological schools across the United States and Canada as they prioritize and respond to the most pressing challenges they face as they prepare pastoral leaders for Christian congregations both now and into the future.

With this grant, World Mission University will create The ‘Spiritual Formation Manual in the Digital Age’, which will be designed to present a new alternative not only to the pastoral ministry of local churches but also to theological education in the post-corona era. For this urgent and important project, World Mission University will use a $1 million fund over five years.

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CCNE accreditation visit to constituents (RN to BSN)

Notification of World Mission University’s RN to BSN program CCNE accreditation visit to constituents

November 22, 2021

World Mission University is scheduled for review by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) for accreditation of its RN to BSN program. The visit by CCNE’s evaluation team is scheduled for February 9-11, 2022. In accordance with CCNE procedures, program constituents and other interested parties are provided the opportunity to submit, in writing, third-party comments until 21 days prior to the visit. Third party comments regarding WMU’s RN to BSN program must be received by CCNE by no later than January 19, 2022. Comments are shared only with the CCNE appointed evaluation team members and are not shared with the noted nursing program. All comments must be written in English when submitted.

Please submit comments to CCNE to: Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education Attn: Third-Party Comments

Covid-19 Emergency Relief Fund

An acknowledgement that the institution signed and returned to the Department the Certification and Agreement and the assurance that the institution has used, or intends to use, no less than 50 percent of the funds received under Section 18004(a)(1) of the CARES Act to provide Emergency Financial Aid Grants to students.The total amount of funds that the institution will receive or has received from the Department pursuant to the institution’s Certification and Agreement [for] Emergency Financial Aid Grants to Students.

Quarterly Budget and Expenditure Reporting for Institute

Quarterly HEERF Reporting for Students