Lim, Sung Jin
5 Shin, Seon Mook
Vice President (CAO)
Dean of the School of Theology
Kim, Chi Hoon
Vice President for International Relations
12 Rhee, Edmund
Dean of Planning and Institutional Effectiveness and Accreditation Liaison Officer
Nam, Jong Sung
Dean of Undergraduate Education
3 Yoon Im Sang    
Dean of Student Affairs
3 Lim, Jong Ho
Chief Financial Officer
14 Choi, Yoon Jung
Dean of Admissions and Public Relations
about_faculty_the_Kim_seo Young Kim, Seo Young
about_Staff_the_Kim_Kyu Ho Kim, Kyu Ho
I.T. Manager
Woo, Sangmun
Media Manager
about_Staff_the_Park_Sun Mi Park, Sun Mi
Online Education Manager
about_Staff_the_Lee_Myoung Uk Lee, Myoung Uk
Admissions Manager
Kim, KyungHae
Director of Financial Aid
about_Staff_the_Lee_Myoung Uk Choi, Soo Jin
Director of International Student Services
Kim, Stacey
Baek, Ju Young
Lee, Estela
Financial Coordinator of Latin American Program
김주은 (Kim, Jooeun)
Administrative Assistant
신선미 (Shin, Sunmi)
Administrative Assistant
김경인 (Kim, Kyung In)
Administrative Assistant