Certificate in Christian Ministries

General Description and Program Goals

World Mission University offers a Certificate in Christian Ministries requiring 29 semester hours of credit.  The program requires an academic year and is designed to equip students for effective lay ministries.
The goal of the Certificate in Christian Ministries program is to prepare students for helping professional ministers through various roles in church and Christian organization

Certificate CM Program Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the certificate, students will be able to:
● Demonstrate a knowledge of Scripture, proper use of hermeneutics, and ability to communicate the Gospel;
● Exhibit spiritual maturity as a Christian leader; and
● Demonstrate the basic theoretical understanding and practical skills for ministry.

Graduation Requirements

Certificate in Christian Ministries program requires the completion of a minimum of 29 semester hours of credit, and demonstration of Christian character. A minimum of 15 units must be completed at WMU and the remaining 14 units may be satisfied through transfer credit.

Degree Requirements: 29 credits

Course / Credits

Biblical/Theological Studies: 12 credits
BT117  New Testament Survey 3
BT118  Old Testament Survey 3
BT225  Bible Hermeneutics and Teaching Methods 3
BT231  Spiritual Formation and Soul Care 3
Christian Ministry Major: 15 credits
Childhood Education Ministry Focus
          EC101  Child Growth and Development 3
          EC102  Child in Home, School, and Community 3
          EC104  Curriculum for Early Childhood Programs 3
          EC105  Administration & Instruction for Early Childhood Program 3
          EC120  Educational Programs for Infants and Toddlers 3
Christian Service/Chapel: 2 credits
          PT111-2  Student Ministry I-II (.5 credit each)
          PT211-2  Student Chapel I-II (.5 credit each)