General Description and Program Goals

World Mission University offers a Master of Arts in Global Leadership requiring 48 semester hours of credit. This program offers advanced training in the knowledge and practice of leadership from biblical
and missional perspectives. Students will be equipped for effective leadership in Christian ministry in a global context through this 48-credit graduate program designed primarily for current and future
missionaries, pastors, NGO professionals, transnational business leaders and other lay leaders.


The goals of the Master of Arts in Global Leadership program are to:

  • To prepare students for Christian ministries in global contexts.


Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the program students will be able to
1. Understand their leadership and ministry from biblical and missional perspectives.
2. Develop themselves and diverse others spiritually, ethically, and vocationally in a global context.
3. Manage effective change and innovation in their ministry in response to globalization.


Admission Requirements

Applicants to the MAGL program must possess a bachelor’s degree earned from an accredited institution, with a cumulative undergraduate grade point average of 2.7 or above. In addition, they must have at least three years of significant ministry experience or currently hold an active leadership position.


Graduation Requirements

To graduate from the MAGL program the student is required to have completed a minimum of 48 semester credits with a 2.5 GPA or above. As many as 24 semester credits of graduate work may be
transferred from another institution. A minimum of 24 units must be completed at WMU. MAGL students must write a capstone project in IS609 Global Leadership Project.


Course Titles and Level

All courses at the Masters level are numbered 500 – 699. Course descriptions are provided in this catalog.


Degree Requirements: 48 Credits

The coursework for the MAGL degree is divided into three major areas of study: biblical and missional studies (9 credits), leadership studies (9 credits), and global studies (12 credits). In addition, students will have to complete leadership practicum and project (6 credits) and four elective courses (12 credits). These requirements may be completed by proficient, full-time students in two years.


Global Leadership Core Studies: 36 credits
Biblical/Missional Studies: 9 credits
BT501 Introduction to Old Testament OR.
BT502 Introduction to New Testament
ST502 Systematic Theology I OR
ST503 Systematic Theology II
IS504 Theology of Mission


Leadership Studies: 9 credits
IS514 Leadership Development
IS539 Organizational Change and Innovation
PT542 Spiritual Formation and Discipline


Global Studies: 12 credits
IS531 Cross-Cultural Communication
IS540 Global Ministry and Leadership
IS541 Global Culture and Religion
IS542 Globalization, Media and Technology


Leadership Experience: 6 credits
IS606 Global Leadership Practicum
IS609 Global Leadership Project


Field Education: 2 credits
PT685-688 Student Chapel I-IV (.5 credit each)


Open Electives: 10 credits



Field Education

World Mission University is committed to equipping students to become full-time ministers or lay leaders in Christian ministry. In order to serve God more effectively, all students at World Mission University are required to participate in ministry outside of the classroom experience.


Global Leadership Practicum

Master of Arts in Global Leadership students are required to complete one semester of global leadership practicum. This course is intended to provide Global Leadership Students with out of the classroom
experience with an opportunity to practice knowledge. At the end of the semester, students must submit the Student Training Evaluation Forms from both a field supervisor and a faculty supervisor.